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Website Design Services


Freelance Rates:

We offer a la carte freelance website design services.  Please note that our minimum initial project size for new clients is $1000 USD. If you are looking at a project of under $1000, please reconsider your strategy (it is imperative that your site satisfy your visitor's need for information, something smaller sites can seldom accomplish).  The minimum project size for established clients is the minimum value specified in the grid below. The client is licensed to self-modify the site's HTML content for the purpose of updating product or service information (i.e. price or specification changes) but wholesale changes of a page or site are prohibited (we cannot warrant a site that has been significantly altered, nor can we be certain the quality of such a site has been retained).  CGI, Servlets, and embedded Scripts (e.g. PHP, ASP, JavaScript, etc.) applications may not be modified without the consent of Interact2Day or their original authors, although a license to use the CGI script for its intended purpose is granted if created (authored) by Interact2Day (non-Interact2Day scripts must be licensed from their authors and used accordingly).

Service Minimum* Fee (USD)
HTML Development & Coding 2 hours $75.00/hr
CGI Programming & Installation 2 hours $100.00/hr
Graphics & Scanning Work 2 hours $50.00/hr
Consultation & Correspondence 30 minutes $100.00/hr
* Minimums are project minimums. When multiple minimums are present, the highest single minimum (as determined by hours multiplied by fee) applies. For instance, a project which includes HTML design + Consultation + Graphics work would have a minimum required project time of 2 hours @ $100/hr  total (i.e. $200), not 4.5 hours.

NOTE: Freelance design fees do not include domain registration or web hosting.  Cost of domain registration will vary by your choice of domain registrars (we strongly recommend Dotster or Network Solutions).  Web hosting fees will vary depending on your choice in web hosting provider.  Both services are independent of Interact2Day and are not under our control (you are responsible for arranging these services).  We generally recommend contracting with web hosting providers who utilize Linux-based servers running the Apache web-server, by far the most secure and reliable alternative presently available.


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