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Interact2Day NT Web Traceroute Interface


The Interact2Day NT Web Traceroute Interface is a web-based utility designed for Windows NT and Windows 2000 based platforms which enables the webmaster and/or website users to initiate traceroutes from the web server back to the user or between the web server and any other host machine connected to the internet.

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Windows Platforms

Simply upload the file as an ASCII text file to your web server's /cgi-bin (or equivalent) directory.

You may rename the file if you wish, but it's name must begin with "nph-" for this application to run properly. The "nph-" prefix servers as notice to the web server that this application utilizes non-parsed-headers.

IIS 4.0 Users - IIS 4.0 incorrectly handles non-parsed-header scripts. As a workaround, set $UseDoubleHttpHeader to '1' (one) in the script source code. This will cause the HTTP header information to be generated twice, which should solve the immediate problem. Now if only Microsoft could be bothered to test these things before releasing buggy code ... sigh.

All Other Users (including other IIS versions) - Set $UseDoubleHttpHeader to '0' (zero) in the script source code. Setting this value to zero ensures that only one copy of the HTTP headers will be generated.

Note: If, when executing this script, you notice that "HTTP/1.0" and "Content-type" lines are printing at the top of the resulting document, set $UseDoubleHttpHeader to '0' (zero).

UNIX Platforms

This application is not designed for UNIX platforms and should only be run on Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms.


To initiate a traceroute back to the remote host (visitor) who requested the traceroute, simply call this application as-is.


To initiate a traceroute to a different remote host, simply set the variable "host" (lowercase) to reflect the name of the desired remote host. This script accepts both GET and POST style form methods. You can also cheat and set the "host=" parameter from the command line as in the following:

The above is equivalent to the GET form method, but with a manually provided Query-String value.

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