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Linux Support


Interact2Day recognizes that many small businesses are looking to get on the Linux bandwagon, but lack the internal IT staff to configure and support such systems for themselves. Linux is especially well suited for the small to mid-sized business looking to host their own websites, email, and DNS servers on the Internet, additional Windows networking file storage capacity, or as a firewalling + proxy server so that multiple computers at your location may share a single secure Internet connection (whether it may be dialup, T1, xDSL, ISDN, or cable). We're here to help make that happen!

Interact2Day specializes in the Slackware Linux distribution, which is the best Linux solution for server environments.  Slackware Linux does not require a GUI interface like many other Linux distributions do, thus permitting improved performance with more available memory and CPU processor time in addition to greater uptime and availability (many systems can go a year or more without reboots). However, the UNIX X-Windows GUI with KDE or Gnome can also be installed to run on top of Slackware, thus providing a Windows-like GUI environment to those who desire one (this is the same GUI used by all other graphical Linux distributions).

Linux Installation Services:

Service Fee*
Base Slackware Installation (required)
  • Includes complete installation of all Slackware Components.
  • Does not include configuration of most installed components.
  • Includes assigning a network hostname and IP address to the primary network interface
Apache Configuration (Web Server, basic), or (below) $59.95
Apache + OpenSSL Configuration (Secure Web Server environment with addition of third-party SSL Key Certificate) $129.95
BIND (DNS) Server Configuration $59.95
Firewalling and Router Configuration (network-to-network for shared internet access)
  • Requires one serial port + one network interface for dialup Internet access, or
  • Requires two network interfaces for network-to-network firewalling
  • No other services, with the possible exception of SSH, should be installed on this machine.  SSH should only be enabled when remote maintenance is required or can be left enabled full-time for the internal (protected) network.
Firewalling for a Single Server (Firewall serves only the physical machine) $39.95
ProFTP Server Configuration (FTP Server for distributing/sharing files with other parties) $99.95
Samba Server Configuration (Windows Networking. Permits file and printer sharing and allows the Linux server's hard drive to be used as a networked file storage system) 129.95
Sendmail Configuration (Email server - SMTP + POP3 and/or IMAP) $149.95
SSH + OpenSSL Configuration (Secure telnet-like shell. We require this to be configured if you wish for us to be able to provide remote technical support) $69.95
XFree86 X-Windows Configuration w/KDE (Provides Windows-like GUI) $189.95
Combo Special #1 (a $699 value!) includes:
  • Base Linux Slackware Installation
  • Apache + OpenSSL Configuration (Web Server)
  • BIND (DNS) Server Configuration 
  • Single-Server Firewalling to protect Server
  • ProFTP Server Configuration (FTP Server)
  • Sendmail Configuration (Email Services)
  • SSH + OpenSSL (secure telnet-like function for maintenance, support, and text console logins)

Ideal for a well-rounded Internet Server

Combo Special #2 (a $469 value!) includes:
  • Base Linux Slackware Installation
  • Samba Server Configuration (For Windows networking file and printer sharing)
  • XFree86 X-Windows GUI Configuration
  • Note: This server can only be remotely supported if a modem and a spare serial port are available for dial-in access to the server or if SSH or Telnet are available via an Internet connection.  We do not recommend leaving such a modem regularly connected to the server for security purposes.

Ideal for a file server/network storage device and printer server connected to a private internal network (not intended for connection to the Internet!).

Custom Support, Custom Kernel Compiling, Custom Application Installation and Configuration.  Includes support for systems with non-standard Linux hardware, custom kernel configuration for improved support and/or performance, and installation of hardware or software components not already listed in our flat pricing list.  Any installation which deviates from a typical straight-forward Linux configuration/installation automatically invokes this option.  This reduced-rate service only available at installation time. $79.95/hr

*Fees do not include Shipping & Handling for delivery of server. Return Shipping & Handling is actual shipping cost plus 10% handling/packing fee. We only support servers we have configured.

Linux Technical Support Services:

Interact2Day offers complete support of your Interact2Day configured Linux Server & Workstation. Please note that technical support is only available for servers which have been configured by Interact2Day.

Support Option (Description) Minimum Fee Fee*
Per Incident Support
(Toll Free)
$49.95 per incident $99.95 per hour
12-months or 5 incidents (whichever comes first)
(Toll Free)
N/A $299.95 each


Interact2Day also offers support for your existing (non-Interact2Day configured) Linux Servers & Workstations on a per-incident basis.  For optimal support, we still recommend your Server be fully configured by Interact2Day, but we will support your existing Linux system as-is.  Support fees for systems not configured by ourselves tend to run longer than for systems that were configured by Interact2Day due to the wide number of Linux distributions and variations in the way applications have been installed on systems.  For phone-based support, we do require an SSH, Telnet or a dialup text console.  Alternately, if you have a highly experienced Linux Administrator capable of emailing configuration files and screenshots back-and-forth, we may still be able to assist you even if a remote text console is not available.

Support Option (Description) Minimum Fee Fee*
Per Incident Support
(Toll Free)
$49.95 per incident $99.95 per hour


*IMPORTANT NOTICE:  ALL PRICES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. In the event of a typographical error in the above information, you will be bound by the terms of the contract you have signed with Interact2Day -- please read your contract completely and ask any questions you may have prior to signing. ALL FEES ARE IN UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

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