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Obtaining Technical Support

To help keep the costs of our products down and affordable to small and medium sized businesses, we ask that you first take some time to try the following resources to solve any problems you may encounter.

  • Make sure your question is not discussed in the documentation.

  • Make sure you check out the issues discussed in the troubleshooting section of your manual.

  • Check our online FAQs to see if your particular issue may already have been addressed. FAQs are convenient for everyone because they allow you to solve your problems 24-hours a day with no waiting!

    FAQs can be found in the general product area for cgiSuite:

  • When installing new modules, always make certain you have the latest "cgisuite.mod" file for your Administrative and add-on module versions. This file is available for download in our general product support area for cgiSuite! (See above URL.)

Of course, if you try all of the above and fail, please do email us or give us a call to obtain fee-based assistance.  Please note that no free technical support is available for this product due to the low price of this product and the myriad of possible server configurations.  Please check our website or email us for our current technical support rates.

To reach us via email:
or by Telephone: (864) 332-6707 from Noon - 6pm Eastern.

Please note that we have a limited support staff, so it may be necessary for you to leave your name and number, your product serial number, a brief description of the problem you are having, and a range of times when you can best be reached (afternoon and evening times and phone numbers are especially helpful!). We try very hard to make sure everyone is taken care of in the timeliest manner possible! You may also email this information to us at; however it may take a little longer on occasion for email requests to reach our telephone support queue.

Additionally, for the less technically inclined, full-service remote installation service is available for a fee as well. Included in the service charge is a brief tour of how the script and its modules function (via telephone). If for some reason we cannot get the script installed and working on your system, there will be no installation charge (the install charge will be refunded, but not the documentation and software which are provided "as-is").

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