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Available Modules and Add-On Modules:

  • Administration Module - This is the common module required by all Add-On Modules. Security and basic configuration information is handled by this module. This is a required module.
  • Feedback Form Add-On Module - This module provides for advanced feedback form handling capabilities. Practically every feature you have ever wished for in a feedback form handler has been incorporated into this module!
  • Redirector Add-On Module - This module provides advanced redirection navigation capabilities to your site. Visitors select their destination from a drop-down box and are automatically redirected to the appropriate page on your site (or even another site for that matter)!

Available Kits:

  • Starter Kit #1 - Includes 3 modules: 1) Administration Module, 2) Feedback Form Add-On Module, and 3) Redirector Add-On Module. This is an ideal starter kit for your website as it contains two of the most commonly used Add-On Modules at a discounted prices! Because this kit includes the required Administration Module, you may add additional Add-On Modules as your site's needs grow!


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